An index for the guide

An index for the guide

This index offers direct links to all major assets in this guide. It does not, however, link to the thousands of image files, which branch off the individual route guides. Active links in this section are shown in bold light blue font, like this. Please note that the menu on the left will, as usual, take you back to the home page, print this page or take you to other important locations. Please see help, here or the question mark symbol in the menu itself - for guidance on how to use it.

The index itself is laid out in the form of a table. The most general items are on the left, and subsidiary and more detailed items on the right. On the extreme left, therefore, you will find the main choices - presented as buttons - which you find in the introductory section. These top-level buttons offer a range of choices, called 'chapter headings' in the table below. Some of these chapter headings are themselves similar to the introductory page, in that they are full page images embellished with buttons, which we call 'chapter sub-headings' in the table. These buttons themselves often offer extensive choices, which the table calls 'independent sub-sections'.

All of these independent subsections - indeed, anything with a white background, as opposed to a full page image - will show the mobile column of symbols which you can now see on the left. This is a menu which lets you jump to the main 'chapter heading' pages and to the introductory page, as well as to the top of the current page. (Other functions access the help page, print out the current page or end the application, leaving a bookmark.) As noted above, the help section discusses the use of this and other menus in much more detail.

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Information Overview
General help
Introduction » Basic facts » Basic information on Perú
» Getting around
» Costs and money
» Getting along with Peruvians
» Shopping, food and fun
Peruvian society » The peoples and society of Perú
» An overview of the history of Perú
» The Peruvian economy
» Religion and belief in Perú
» The land » The geography of Perú
» The ecology of Perú
Traveling About traveling
in Perú
» Preparation » Choosing your prefered travel style
  » Trekking in depth
» The seasons
» Safety » Managing risk: crises, health, crime
» Interests » Sport in Perú
» Antiquities in Perú
» Bird watching
» Butterflies and insects
» Orchids in Perú
Routes and maps » The main maps » Interactive route selector
    » Perú to the Caribbean
  » Large landsat image
» Detailed photographic overview
» Basic topography (interactive)
» Archaeology (interactive)
» Ecology and parks (interactive)
» Cordillera Blanca road map
» Aerial image, Cordillera Blanca
» Cordillera Blanca trekking (inter.)
» Cordillera Blanca panorama
» Cusco road map
» Cusco landsat image
» Aerial image, Machu Picchu
» Arequipa road map
» Arequipa landsat image
Routes and maps » The routes » Walking route, Cordillera Blanca
  (South to North) » Walking routes, Cusco
  » Walking routes, Colca cañon
» To Colca cañon
» To Cotahuasi cañon
» Arequipa city
» South to Tacna
» Cusco to Puno
» Cusco city and region
» Cusco to Madre de Dios
» Cusco to Abancay, Andamarca
» Pisco to Ayacucho
» Ayacucho to Huancayo
» Lima to Pisco, Nazca, Arequipa
» Cañete to Huancayo, Satipo
» Metropolitan Lima
» Lima to Huancayo
» Huancayo to Atalaya
» Atalaya to Cusco
» Junin to Tingo Maria , Huaraz
» Tingo Maria to Pucallpa, Tarapoto
» Lima to Trujillo
» Huaraz and its treks
» Cross country to Cajamarca
» Lambayeque to Chachapoyas
» North to Tumbes
» Piura to Moyobamba, Tarapoto
» Iquitos and the parks of Amazonas
Pictures » Random images from individual routes
Music in Perú » Coastal music
  » Music from the Andes
» Music from the jungle
Food in Perú » Introduction
  » Soups
» Main dishes
» Sweet courses
Contacts, about us, contractual » Mail and web page
» Contractual issues
» About us
English language only
Additional photoseries » Coastal dry forest
» Orchids in the mist forest
» Northern farmers' market
» Huaraz snow valleys
» Chachapoyas tombs
» High route to Ayacucho
» Into Ecuador